Getting better all the time.

As time goes on the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter.  It seems like the more you put in to your recovery the more you get outta life. I have met a person that I care about and cares about me. It at one point I felt as if there was never going to be a point that I would be with anybody. But by working on my recovery God sent be this gift. I will keep working on myself to improve my life with recovery being  utmost in mind!

Divorce in Recovery

Well the paper work has been signed and now waiting for the court to decree it!  It’s been a long hard road .  I had reservations about my court dates because of all the stress that my X would put me threw.  But luckily I have a great support group and sponsor who help me get to the other side.  One small problem was that the hearings were in NY and I am in Florida.  I was lucky enough to meet someone from an online recovery website that I belong to, that got me to a good meeting very close to where I was staying.  And was there in person to support me.  It’s always easier to get to meeting were you will know someone.  I want to thank them for helping keep my sanity and me clean on a very stress full day.